About Me

I am a Senior Associate Professor (Biträdande professor) at the Department of Computer and Information Science of Linköping University. Additionally, I am an Amazon Scholar working with the Neptune graph database team at Amazon Web Services. I hold a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and have been awarded the academic qualification Docent in Computer Science from Linköping University. I am interested in problems related to the management of data and databases. My focus in this broad context is on data on the Web and on graph data, as well as on problems in which the data is distributed over multiple, autonomous and/or heterogeneous sources. Regarding these topics, my interests range from systems-building related research (e.g., efficient storage of data, query processing, and query optimization) all the way to theoretical foundations (e.g., complexity and expressive power of query languages). I was honored with the SWSA Distinguished Dissertation Award in 2015 for my Ph.D. dissertation “Querying a Web of Linked Data: Foundations and Query Execution,” and with the 2019 SWSA Ten-Year Award for my paper “Executing SPARQL Queries over the Web of Linked Data” which pioneered the idea of traversal-based query execution as well as querying Linked Data on the Web in general. Additionally, I have received seven best paper awards (ESWC 2009, ESWC 2015, ISWC 2017, SEMANTiCS 2018, SEMANTiCS 2019, iiWAS 2020, SEMANTiCS 2021).

In this blog I write about events, ideas, and results related to my research. For more information about me, including my publications, refer to my Website at http://olafhartig.de.